Monday, March 7, 2011

An ordinary wrestling match turns to devastation and changes two lives forever.

The wrestling match held on January 12, 2011, at Belvidere High School was Heriberto (Eddie) Avila's senior night as he took to the mat to challenge Sean McIntyre, a senior at Genoa-Kingston High School, for the last wrestling match as he knew it. McIntrye executed a legal, by-the-book move to takedown Avila and in the process the crowd heard bones cracking and the painful scream of young Eddie cry out. Avila's tibia and fibula were broken and severed an artery, which led the Doctors of St. Anythony Medical Center in Rockford, IL to amputate his left leg above the thigh. A distraught McIntrye refuses to comment to Dirk Johnson, with the Chicago News Cooperative, about his feelings and refusing to wrestle at the next match. Throughout this gloomy situation, Eddie Avila has found the light of forgiveness and is hoping and praying that Sean McIntrye one day forgives himself and returns to the mat. Avila comments to Dirk Johnson, "There is no one to blame. This was an accident." To read the full story click here!